Richard Russell Vertz 


Richard Russell Vertz was born on Jan. 17, 1962 In Carmel, California to Barbra and Gabriel Vertz. He was raised in Pasco, California and went to school at Pacific Grove. Rick played football and baseball all through school. Rick loved baseball so much he even played in college and coached in the little leagues.

Rick's journey led him to Cody, Wyoming where he had his son Gabriel Denver Vertz. Rick ended up making Wyoming his forever home. 

 In 2004 Rick met Susan Hernandez and she became his forever friend and lifelong soulmate. They did everything together. One of Rick's favorite meals was homemade tamales and enchiladas that Susan made. 

Rick had grandchildren who meant the world to him. He never missed a birthday, softball game or Christmas program. Rick was their biggest fan. It was always a competition on who could catch the biggest fish when you went fishing with Papa Rick. Rick's dream was to one day fish again in Pasco, California. 

Rick battled cancer for nine years and never stopped battling cancer. He never gave up. On May 27 Rick suffered a severe heart attack and four days later passed away in Billings, Montana surrounded by family and loved ones. 

He was preceded in death by Barbra Vertz and Gabriel Vertz 

He is survived by Susan Hernandez, Gabe and Alyssa Vertz, Marina Blount and kids, Randy and Sharon Vertz, nephews, a niece, and many more friends and family.