Patricia Irene Moody

(May 31, 1942 - March 8, 2023)


Patricia Irene Moody passed away on March 8, 2023.

Patricia (Pat) Moody was born May 31, 1942, in Forsyth, Montana. She was the first child of John G. and Virginia Irene O’Brien. Pat was the oldest of four children and the first grandchild on the O’Brien side of the family.

When Pat was 8 years old her father took a pharmacy job and the family moved from Forsyth to Powell, Wyoming. She attended first grade through senior high school in Powell except for her junior year when she attended a private school in Boulder, Colorado.

After high school graduation Pat attended Mr. Lee’s Beauty College in Seattle, Washington. Her graduation coincided with the Seattle World’s Fair, also known as The Century 21 Exposition, and her family took the train to attend both events. 

After graduation Pat worked as a hair stylist  for Rilla Jameson in Powell.

She met Gary Moody in Powell and they were married on May 16, 1964.

The had two children, Shawn and Treena, as well as granddaughter Krystal (Shane) Firnikas and great-granddaughter Yara.

She served on the boards of Powell Library and the Rocky Mountain Manor.

Pat was an active member of the Catholic Church. 

In addition to her husband and children, Pat is survived by two sisters Kellee of Los Angeles, California, and Keree (Noel) Frakes of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado.

She was preceded in death by her parents and her brother Michael.