Land use hearing



The Park County Board of County Commissioners (“Board”) will conduct a public hearing at their regular meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, at 2:00pm, to consider endorsing and approving the Park County Land Use Plan (“2023 LUP”). The meeting will be held in the Grizzly Room of the Park County Library located at 1500 Heart Mountain Street, Cody, WY.
According to Wyoming State Statute, Title 9, Chapter 8, Article 3 (W.S. § 9-8-301, et. seq.), all local governments shall develop a local land use plan within their jurisdiction. The 1998 Park County Land Use Plan, adopted by the Park County Board of Commissioners on September 15th, 1998, (“1998 LUP”) is the official land use policy document of the Park County Planning and Zoning Commission (“Commission”), Board, and Planning and Zoning Department. Adoption of the 1998 LUP met the minimum substantive statutory requirements. Park County’s authority to regulate land use pertains to the unincorporated areas only. Local land use plans may guide local governments in adopting or amending local zoning regulations, however, such plans shall not be construed as a substitute for, or equivalent to, duly enacted local zoning regulations which have the force and effect of law.
Pursuant to W.S. § 18-5-202, et. seq., “The planning and zoning commission may prepare and amend a comprehensive [land use] plan…for promoting the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the unincorporated areas of the county and certify the plan to the board of county commissioners.” Changes have occurred in land use patterns and types around Park County since the adoption of the 1998 LUP. The Commission and Board feel that it is time to evaluate and, where necessary, re-establish the County’s values and aspirations concerning the future of land use in unincorporated Park County. Many of the messages that were communicated in the 1998 LUP are mirrored in the proposed 2023 Plan. In addition to updated vision statements and policy guidance, the 2023 LUP includes shared values, an updated land suitability analysis, and a Future Land Use Map for Park County. Careful attention was paid to the 12 planning areas in the County, to ensure that special land use considerations were captured for each. The Board appointed 16 members of the public to serve on a Land Use Plan Advisory Committee (LUPAC) to represent different communities, geographies and interests in Park County. The LUPAC gathered and shared citizen perspectives and input on interim work products, assisted with community and stakeholder engagement by helping to get the word out, and generally served as community ambassadors for the LUP process.
The County held two rounds of public input-gathering sessions prior to releasing the initial draft of the 2023 LUP to the public in February, after which the County held a third round of public engagement during two, day-long open houses inviting the public to share their input on the draft. The input was taken into consideration and the draft was modified accordingly. The “adoption draft” of the 2023 LUP was reviewed during a public hearing at a special meeting of the Park County Planning and Zoning Commission (“Commission”) on May 24, 2023. The Commission continued the public hearing to June 21, 2023 and certified the 2023 LUP by way of Resolution 2023-23. The Board held a workshop with the Commission on July 11, 2023, to seek clarification on the contents of the resolution. On July 19, 2023, during their regular meeting, the Commission adopted Resolution 2023-27: Clarifying Resolution for the Certification of the 2023 Park County Land Use Plan. Resolution 2023-27 superseded Resolution 2023-23.
Should the Board vote to endorse and approve the 2023 LUP, it will supersede and replace the 1998 LUP, and continue the County’s fulfillment of the minimum substantive statutory requirements.
The 2023 LUP establishes an overarching vision and goals for the use of land in unincorporated Park County over the next 15 to 20 years, as informed by an extensive public outreach process. It is intended to guide day-to-day decisions regarding zoning, subdivision, and other standards and regulations that influence the physical growth and development of Park County; the allocation of staff time and other County resources; plans for public facilities, infrastructure and utilities; and the County’s ongoing work with various agencies and partners that have a vested interest in the future of Park County’s natural environment, economy and communities.
A copy of the draft 2023 LUP is available for public inspection at the following locations: Board of County Commissioners Office and Planning & Zoning Department; County libraries in Powell (217 E. 3rd St.), Cody (1500 Heart Mtn. St.) and Meeteetse (2107 Idaho St.); and on Park County’s website ( Interested persons may submit data, views or arguments on this intended action orally at the public hearing or in writing to the Park County Planning & Zoning Department (mail: 1002 Sheridan Ave., Suite 109, Cody, WY 82414; email: by no later than 11:00am on Friday, September 29, 2023. Park County has complied with the requirements of W.S. § 9-5-304 and interested persons may obtain a copy of the assessment used to evaluate the proposed rule pursuant to W.S. 9-5-304 at each location where a copy of the proposed rule is available for public inspection.
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