City minutes October 21, 2019


City minutes

City Council Proceedings

October 21, 2019

The governing body of the City of Powell met in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on October 21, 2019 in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Mayor Wetzel opened the meeting and led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Wetzel called the meeting to order and the following were present: Mayor John Wetzel, Council Members Jim Hillberry, Tim Sapp, Scott Mangold, Floyd Young, Lesli Spencer and Steven Lensegrav. City Officials: Director of Public Works Gary Butts, City Clerk Tiffany Brando, City Attorney Sandee Kitchen, Deputy Attorney Scott Kath, Finance Director Kaela Nelson and Chief of Police Roy Eckerdt. Approval of Agenda: Councilman Hillberry moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Approval of October 7, 2019 minutes: Councilman Young moved to approve minutes as presented, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.

Bills and Claims: Councilman Hillberry abstained #26 and Councilman Young abstained #68. Councilwoman Spencer made a motion the bills be allowed and authorize the Treasurer to draw warrants for payment of the same, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Public Hearing: 6:00 P.M. Budget Amendment 2019-2020 – Opened 6:04 P.M. Attorney Kitchen no comments, closed 6:05 P.M. Resolution No. 10, 2019: A Resolution to Amend the 2019-2020 Budget. Councilman Lensegrav moved to approve, seconded by Councilman Hillberry, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Northwest College update to Council by Stefani Hicswa, President NWC and staff on what is happening at Northwest College. Hotel Update given by Christine Bekes, PEP Executive Director. Mayor Wetzel recognized Boy Scouts in attendance. Committee updates: Councilman Lensegrav Golf Board and Councilman Young YCan. Financial Audit Report by James B. Seckman, CPA for Fiscal Year 18/19. Councilman Lensegrav moved to accept the audit as presented, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.

Part-Time Employment Agreement Termination for Zane Q. Logan. DPW, Butts informed council this was the agreement for consultation on the substation and electrical inspection services. Councilman Young moved to approve and authorize signatures, seconded by Councilman Hillberry, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Police Car and K9 Vehicle Bid Awards: DPW Butts gave council the bids for a 2020 Dodge Charge from Fremont in Powell $28,512 and a 2020 Dodge Durango from Fremont in Powell $32,320. Chief Eckerdt explained the reason for no bid comparison the Car and what the future may look like. Councilman Hillberry moved to approve and authorize signatures on both the Police Car and K9 Vehicle bids, seconded by Councilman Young, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.

Wyoming Office of Homeland Security Grant Award Agreement DPW Butts, informed Council is for purchase of radios and the amount is for $21,911.00. Councilman Mangold moved to approve and authorize signatures, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. General Announcements: DPW Butts thanked Kaela on a great audit and informed Council the Absaroka Street project should be coming to an end in October.

There being no further business to be considered at this meeting, Councilman Mangold moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Young unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Mayor Wetzel adjourned the regular meeting at 6:47 p.m.


/s/ John F. Wetzel



/s/ Tiffany Brando

City Clerk

Publ., Thurs., Oct. 31, 2019

City payments

1 360 Office Solutions Admin, Finance 158.74 Paper Cups, Coffee, Creamer & Copy Fees 2 Aldrich’s Water 23.49 Wood Lath-Markers

3 Alsco Various 202.24 Urinal Deodorant & Mat Cleaning

4 Ascent Aviation Group, Inc. Airport 31.20 Monthly Communication Fee

5 Bailey Enterprises Inc. Various 9,689.25 September Fuel Purchases

6 BCN Telecom Various 53.37 Monthly Long Distance Fees

7 Border States Electric Supply Electric 207.00 Grounding Crimps

8 Carquest Various 34.15 Filters, Allen Wrenches & Intake Gasket 9 CDW Government Various 4,502.56 Microsoft Windows 2019

10 CED Electric 241.28 Ballasts for Parks Shop

11 City of Billings Sanitation 14,912.75 September Tipping Fees

12 City of Powell ~ Petty Cash Account Various 52.20 WYDOT CDL Fees S Adkins & Lunch

B Hubbard

13 Colonial Research Chemical Corp Water 379.00 Ice Melt

14 Crum Electric Supply Electric 268.49 Wire & Lube

15 Custom Delivery Service, Inc. Police, W Wat 154.23 Transmission Freight & Water Sample


16 Drive Payments Water 62.24 Monthly CC Fees for Water Dock

17 Energy Laboratories, Inc. Waste Water 460.00 Waste Water Testing

18 Fastenal Elec, Streets 214.43 WD40, Marking Paint & Hardware

19 Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. #2697 Water 427.53 Hydrant Security Locks

20 Fremont Motor Powell Police 28,214.00 Blue 2019 Dodge RAM Patrol Vehicle 21 Garland Light & Power Various 2,403.34 Monthly Electric Fees Airport & Lagoons 22 General Distributing Co Aquatics 984.00 CO2

23 Graybar Electric Company Electric 5,360.96 Stem Mount, Bulbs, Wire Nut, LED’s &


24 Hancock, Braden Police 334.08 Mileage Reimbursement to Douglas

25 Hawkins, Inc. Aquatics 1,438.39 Pool Chemicals

26 Hillberry, James Council 15.08 Mileage Shoshone Pipeline

27 Intermountain Sweeper Company Streets 597.68 Sweeper Parts

28 Interstate Power Systems Streets 372.03 Reverse Switch

29 John Deere Financial Various 221.04 Misc. Purchases for Various Depts

30 Kinsco Police 783.00 Bulletproof Vest

31 Kois Brothers Equipment Sanitation 30.07 HL-Cushion

32 Law Enforcement Systems, Inc. Police 71.00 Property Tags

33 Magill, Andrew A Sanitation 300.00 Mowing Services for Snow Removal


34 Montana Dakota Utilities Various 2,526.85 Monthly Natural Gas Bills

35 Mountain West Computer Various 593.35 Hard Drives, SD & USB Drives, Display

Port & Desktop

36 Napa Auto Parts Various 642.29 Misc. Purchases for Various Depts

37 National Merchant Alliance Aquatics 221.89 Monthly CC Fees

38 O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. Elec, Police 217.99 Transmission Fitting, Struts & Pipe


39 Office Shop, The Administration 180.84 Copy Fees

40 Old Dominion Brush Streets 1,359.40 Sweeper Brooms

41 One-Call of Wyoming Elec, Water 85.50 September Dig Tickets

42 Park County Clerk Administration 111.00 Title for New PD Truck, Filing Fees for

Peterson Subdivision

43 Park County Landfills Sanitation 368.52 September Tipping Fees

44 Powell Ace Hardware, LLC Various 511.72 Misc. Purchases for Various Depts

45 Powell Economic Partnership Econ Dev 12,500.00 1st Quarter Payout FY 19-20

46 Powell Electric Electric 75.70 PVC Fittings

47 Powell Senior Citizens AGO-GO Council 5,000.00 1st Quarter Payout FY 19-20

48 Powell Valley Recycling Task Force Sanitation 5,212.35 September Recycling Fees Collected 49 Production Machine Company Sanitation 6.72 Pipe

50 Quill Police 57.81 Shipping Tape, Binder Clips & Post-it


51 Rimrock Tire Sanitation 75.80 Tire Repair

52 Rotational Molding Inc. Sanitation 19,136.00 Refuse Cans

53 Saber Pest Control, LLC. Aquatics 100.00 Monthly Preventative Control

54 Sage Recycling & Waste Solutions LLC Sanitation 458.60 Baled Cardboard

55 Sanders Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Administration 589.12 Winterize Plaza Diane & Repairs at City


56 Shoshone Municipal Pipeline Water 67,814.98 September Water Usage & Tap Fees

57 State of Wyoming Dept. of Revenue Various 16,630.61 September Sales Tax Collected

58 Valli Information Systems, Inc. Finance 1,597.85 September Fees UB, Postage, Online &


59 Visa Various 10,599.10 Misc. Purchases for Various Depts

60 WAM-WCCA Electric 2,500.00 Qrtly Installment on Bent St Lighting

61 Warren Transport Sanitation 6,186.80 Waste Load Fees

62 White Ink Police 106.65 Business Cards

63 WPCI Various 88.02 Monthly Drug Testing Fees

64 Wyoming Conf of Building Officials Building 300.00 Ann Dues & Fall Conference Reg

65 Wyoming Department of Health Water 168.00 Water Testing Fees

66 Wyoming Dept. of Transportation Administration 2.00 Transfer of License Plate Fees

67 Wyoming Municipal Power Agency Electric 316,664.63 September Electrical Charges

68 Young, Floyd Council 31.90 Mileage Reimbursement YCAN Meeting


TOTAL AMOUNT OF CLAIMS FOR: 22-Oct-19 $545,920.81

Publ., Thurs., Oct. 31, 2019