Vehicle sale


Park County Public Notice
of Abandoned Vehicle Sale
To the owners who claim interest in the below captioned motor vehicle. Take notice that A.S.A.P. Auto Repair LLC, will on Sept. 14, 2020 at 11 a.m., conduct a public sale at 796 Meadow Rd, Powell, Wy, and sell said vehicle to the highest bidder. The purpose of sale to satisfy labor/repair/storage fees owed to ASAP Auto Repair LLC as indicated.
Notice of Sale
1986 Ford F-250 pickup truck, blue,
Storage Fees $4,225.00
Date Abandoned: 12-2015
No Liens
Garda Stephensen
Title # 11-0547998
Custody fees: 250.00
First Publ., Thurs., Sept. 3, 2020
Final Publ., Thurs., Sept. 10, 2020