Powell Rec budget 2022


Notice is hereby given that a public hearing on the proposed budget for the Powell Recreation District for the 2022-2023 fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, which is now being considered by the Board of Trustees will be held at the Powell Recreation District offices at 501 Homesteader Court, Powell, Wyoming on the 5th day of July, 2022 at twelve, thirty (12:30) P.M. at which time any and all persons interested may appear and be heard.
Summary of Budget
Estimated Cash & Reserves $140,000.00
Estimated Total Budget $397,333.00
Estimate of Tax Requirements Amount Mill Levy $256,120.00
Details of Powell Recreation District Budget
Salaries & Wages $286,438.00
Contractual Expenses $87,845.00
Commodities $21,050.00
Capital Outlay $2,000.00
Total $397,333.00
First Publ., Tue., June 28, 2022