Cody woman charged with elder abuse

Posted 3/14/24

A Cody woman is facing allegations that she abused her elderly mother and battered her husband in December.

Dawn R. Scott, 46, faces two felony counts of intentional abuse of a vulnerable adult, …

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Cody woman charged with elder abuse


A Cody woman is facing allegations that she abused her elderly mother and battered her husband in December.

Dawn R. Scott, 46, faces two felony counts of intentional abuse of a vulnerable adult, relating to allegations that she gouged her 82-year-old mother’s arms in early December and hit her in the head days later. Scott also hit and scratched her husband, leading to a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery.

Scott has been held in the Park County Detention Center since Dec. 10, when she was arrested by Cody police. Court records say that while being booked into the jail, Scott made suicidal comments, which prompted a mental health evaluation. The so-called Title 25 hold is why Scott has not appeared on the jail’s public inmate roster in recent months.

Scott’s bail was initially set at $2,500, but after prosecutors added the elder abuse charges in late February, it was raised to $10,000.

Scott pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor battery charge in Park County Circuit Court last week, receiving credit for time served and $220 in penalties. She’s now awaiting an arraignment in Park County District Court on the separate felony counts.

Scott’s husband called police on the evening of Dec. 10. Responding officers found he was bleeding from several scratches to his face while Scott’s mother was on the floor, bleeding from her arm, charging documents say.

The husband told police that he and Scott had argued earlier in the day and that he’d left the home with her 6-year-old; that prompted her to call police and accuse him of “kidnapping.” When the husband later returned to the residence, Scott grabbed and screamed at the child, then tried to hit her husband, scratched his face and at one point jumped on his back, the husband told police.

Sgt. John Harris said he observed apparent fingernail scratches on the man’s forehead, nose, cheeks, nostril, temple, neck and right ear that all were bleeding or appeared fresh. The man also had a black eye, which he said Scott had inflicted days earlier.

For her part, Scott claimed she had acted in self defense, but Harris’ affidavit indicates her story was inconsistent and didn’t match up with the evidence. The affidavit adds that Scott appeared to be drunk.

Meanwhile, Scott’s mother was taken to the Cody Regional Health emergency room, where medical personnel noted newer and older injuries that included fingernail gouges on her arm, an older bruise on her forehead and a new bump on her head.

Dr. Kirk Bollinger told police that “it appeared [the woman] had been sustaining physical trauma for some time,” Sgt. Trapp Heydenberk wrote in an affidavit.

The woman told police that Scott had become angry with her on the night of Dec. 10, saying that Scott was under financial pressure. When her mother offered to help and went to look for her purse, Scott reportedly became angry and physical — at one point allegedly hitting her mother in the head with a fist. The elderly woman said it followed an incident about a week earlier, in which Scott allegedly clawed at her mother’s hands and arms. The separate incidents form the basis for the two felony charges.

At the same time that she pleaded guilty to battering her husband, Scott waived her right to a preliminary hearing on the charges related to the alleged abuse of her mother, which advanced that separate case from circuit to district court.

Scott is a licensed attorney, having been admitted to the Wyoming bar in 2005. She’s being represented in the criminal case by a public defender, as she indicated she lacks the resources to hire private counsel. Her court-appointed attorney, Tim Blatt, has sought to have her bond reduced so she can be released.

If Scott does make bail, judges in the pending criminal case and in a divorce case filed by her husband have ordered her to have no contact with her mother, husband or child, and to stay away from her home for the time being.