City minutes Sept. 19, 2022


City Council Proceedings
September 19, 2022
The governing body of the City of Powell met in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on September 19, 2022 in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Mayor John Wetzel called the meeting to order and the following were present: Council Members Tim Sapp, Floyd Young, Zane Logan, Steven Lensegrav, Lesli Spencer and Geoff Hovivian. City Officials: City Administrator Zack Thorington, City Clerk Tiffany Brando and City Attorney Sandee Kitchen. Approval of Agenda: Administrator Thorington asked to remove the American Legion Request Moyer Foundation Grant. Councilman Young moved to approve the agenda as amended, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Approval of September 6, 2022 minutes: Councilman Sapp moved to approve as presented, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Bills and Claims: Mayor Wetzel abstained #78. Councilman Lensegrav made a motion the bills be allowed and authorize the Treasurer to draw warrants for payment of the same, seconded by Councilman Young, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Request to Purchase 3rd Amended Plat Gateway West Addition Lot 18: Zane Bennett, spoke on his request to purchase the newly formed Lot 18 to develop electric vehicle charging station as well as the possibility to have space for food trucks or a kiosk. Attorney Kitchen informed council of the process of putting out for bid or selling for economic development which would need an appraisal, public notice and a public hearing of any sale. Mayor Wetzel indicated Lot 19 also had interest and he would like to also hear that request before the council decides on which way to sell the lots. Committee Updates: Councilman Logan Recycle Board, Councilman Lensegrav Recreation Board and Councilman Hovivian Airport Board. General Announcements: Mayor Wetzel reminded the public that trailers can no longer stay parked on streets and asked that door hangers start being hung; update on Paint the Town Red and a very large crowd.
There being no further business to be considered at this meeting, Councilman Hovivian moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Logan, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Mayor Wetzel adjourned the regular meeting at 6:17 p.m.
/s/ John F. Wetzel, Mayor
/s/ Tiffany Brando, City Clerk

City payments

1 360 Office Solutions Finance, Aqua 196.38 Copy Machine Fees
2 Absaroka Door Water 130.00 Shop Door Maintenance
3 Aero Precision, LLC Police 16,657.56 Gun Sights, Receiver’s & Slings
4 Aldrich’s Parks 75.96 Paint & Rollers
5 Alsco Various 317.92 Mat and Mop Service & Deodorizers
6 Anixter Inc Various 13,488.76 Cut Outs, Bushing Covers, ARR
Risers & Fuse Links
7 Aqua Flow International Inc. Water 1,728.60 Annual Maintenance Agreement
8 Ascent Aviation Group, Inc Airport 28,947.17 100LL Fuel for Resale 5,956 Gallons
& Monthly Communications Fee
9 Association Of Public Treasurers Finance 159.00 Annual Membership
10 Bailey Enterprises Inc Various 17,147.08 August Fuel Purchases
11 Big Horn COOP Marketing Assoc Airport, Parks 711.99 Tires, Flat Repairs & Chain Saw Kit
12 Big Horn County Solid Waste Sanitation 375.00 Large Appliance Disposal Fees
13 Big Horn Redi Mix Water 796.50 Sand Slurry
14 Blair’s Market Aquatics 1.79 Hamburger Buns
15 Border States Electric Supply Electric 7,857.97 Tool Bag, Arrestor Covers, Transformer
Pads, Fuse Links, Wire & Insulator
16 Bradford Supply Company Various 1,354.62 Irrigation & Water Line Supplies
17 Bruco, Inc. Administration 220.78 Stride Floor Cleaner
18 CardConnect Aquatics 312.51 August Credit Card Fees
19 Carquest Airport, Sani 230.58 Brake Rotors & Fan Belt
20 City of Billings Sanitation 5,288.90 Tipping Fees
21 CivicPlus Administration 395.00 Online Code Hosting
22 Cody Enterprise, The Administration 60.10 Facilities Manager Ad
23 Crum Electric Supply Electric 325.00 Lamps
24 Custom Delivery Service, Inc Waste Water 147.63 Sample Deliveries to Energy Labs
25 DrivePayments Water 143.60 August Credit Card Fees
26 Energy Laboratories, Inc Waste Water 1,742.00 Waste Water Testing
27 Fastenal Electric 488.99 Bolts, Sunscreen, Crimper & Tape
28 Garland Light & Power Airport, W Wat 2,045.43 Electric Bills
29 General Distributing Company Aquatics 823.37 CO2
30 Grainger Sanitation 2,935.64 Trailer Tester
31 Graybar Electric Company Various 17,565.42 LED Fixtures, Electrical Supplies &
Vent Fan Motor
32 Griffis Quality Fencing Streets 4,725.00 20’ Gate & Installation Fees
33 Hartford, The Various 1,402.81 Monthly LTD Benefit
34 Hasler, Inc. Finance 500.00 Postage for Meter
35 Heart Mountain Farm Supply Parks 734.99 Backpack Blower
36 Hinshaw, Kyle Electric 300.20 FY 21-22 Solar Credit
37 Hotline Electrical Sales & Service LLC Electric 1,350.00 Refurbished Electric Meters
38 HUB International Various 76,865.00 Annual Property Insurance
39 Intellishield Sanitation 57.45 New Employee Background Check
40 John Deere Financial Various 3,126.80 Misc. Purchases for Various Depts
41 KPOW Sanitation 210.00 Mosquito Prevention Advertising
42 Micro-Comm Inc Water 5,900.00 Annual Contract
43 Midland Implement Company, Inc Parks 585.99 Rainbird Sprinklers
44 Miller, Jeffrey Electric 420.20 FY 21-22 Solar Credit
45 Montana Dakota Utilities Co Various 3,633.64 Gas Bills
46 Motor Power Equipment Company Sanitation 61.06 Cover-Filter
47 Mountain West Computer Various 336.07 Cable, Speakers, Monitor, Adapter,
Coffee, Ink, Headphones & Memory
48 Napa Auto Parts Various 1,023.47 Oil, Battery Tester, Batteries, Brake
Parts, Antifreeze, Freon & AC Flush
49 National Testing Network Police 136.00 Dispatch Testing
50 Nickles, Lloyd Electric 45.22 FY 21-22 Solar Credit
51 North American Rescue Holdings LLC Police 2,301.64 Headrest Kits
52 O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. Various 69.66 Filter, Spindle Nut & Thermostat
53 Office Shop, The Police 67.50 Copy Machine Fees
54 One-Call of Wyoming Elec, Water 33.75 August Dig Tickets
55 Park County Landfills Sanitation 26,480.35 August Tipping Fees
56 Plaza Diane Electric 129.28 FY 21-22 Solar Credit
57 Powell Ace Hardware, LLC Various 283.87 Misc. Purchases for Various Dept
58 Powell Tribune Various 1,765.09 AugPublishing & Advertising Fees
59 Powell Valley Recycling Task Force Sanitation 5,896.90 Recycling Fees Collected
60 Powell Welding & Industrial Supply Various 461.00 Grease, FR Sweatshirt, Flap Disc,
Nitrile Gloves
61 Print With Kelly Aquatics 602.16 Fall/Winter Brochure
62 Production Machine Company Parks 2,383.77 Rebuild Merry-Go-Round
63 Public Group, The Finance 2,970.16 Auction Buyers Premium
64 Rawhide Mechanical, Inc Aquatics 87,587.50 Final Payment PAC HVAC
65 Rimrock Tire Corp Sanitation 582.56 Tire Replacement & Flat Repairs
66 Saber Pest Control, LLC. Aquatics 100.00 Monthly Pest Control
67 Sanders Plumbing & Heating, Inc Water 1,300.00 Pipe Freezing Machine
68 Shoshone Municipal Pipeline Water 78,813.24 Water Usage & Tap Equivalent Fees
69 Smith Psychological Services Police 800.00 Evaluation Fees
70 State of Wyoming Dept of Revenue Various 19,130.25 August Sales Tax Collected
71 TCT Various 1,066.23 Phone, Fax, Internet & TV
72 Tesco - The Eastern Specialty Co Electric 6,862.35 Nighthawk Meters
73 Two Sisters Contracting LLC Streets, Water 2,162.00 Curb & Gutter Beckman St
74 Tyler Technologies Inc Muni Court 4,936.05 In Code annual Fees
75 USA Blue Book (Customer 913775) Waste Water 3,150.93 Test Meter
76 Valli Information Systems, Inc. Finance 1,621.45 Postage & Fees for Utility Billing
77 Visa Various 11,416.89 Misc. Purchases for Various Depts
78 Wetzel, John Council 149.38 Mileage Reimbursement WAM
Board Meeting Casper
79 Williams, Brett D Parks 110.78 Work boots
80 Wolfe, Leanne F Administration 44.74 Plates, Forks & Napkins
81 WPCI Various 88.02 Monthly Drug Test Fees
82 Wyoming Municipal Power Agency Electric 405,151.05 August Power Charges
83 Youth Clubs of Park County Council 2,500.00 FY 22-23 Special Funding
Total Claims: $895,103.70
Publ., Tues., Sept. 27, 2022