City minutes Oct. 19, 2020


City Council Proceedings
October 19, 2020
The governing body of the City of Powell met in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on October 19, 2020 in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Mayor Wetzel called the meeting to order and the following were present: Mayor John Wetzel, Council Members Tim Sapp, Floyd Young, Scott Mangold and Steven Lensegrav. Absent Councilwoman Lesli Spencer. City Officials: City Administrator Zack Thorington, City Clerk Tiffany Brando, City Attorney Sandee Kitchen, Deputy Attorney Scott Kath and Electric Supt. Steve Franck.
Approval of Agenda: Councilman Young moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Approval of October 19, 2020 minutes: Councilman Lensegrav moved to approve minutes as presented, seconded by Councilman Young, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Bills and Claims: Councilman Mangold abstained #35 and Mayor Wetzel #54 Councilman Young made a motion the bills be allowed and authorize the Treasurer to draw warrants for payment of the same, seconded by Councilman Sapp, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Request Fireworks Permit: Dustin Short, owner of DSE spoke on a demonstration for May 21, 2021 and would like to extend show to 10:30 p.m. Councilman Sapp moved to approve, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Committee Updates: Councilman Mangold gave an update on Rec Board and Councilman Young asked for clarification on Recycle Board reporting; to get quarterly financial report, collection levels and counts of citizens and where they live.
Discussion Slaughter and Meat Processing Plant 887 E North St.: Rebekah Burns, PEP Executive Director updated on the proposed slaughter and meat processing plant. Tammy Howard addressed concerns on smells, manure and urine on roadway, safety on kids getting to school and presented a petition opposed with a suggested for an alternate location. Charles Keele spoke and after research on the proposed area supports the big picture for Powell. Gene Gutierrez spoke opposed to the proposal and voiced concerns on smells and outside pens; his home has been 70 ft across the street for 69 years.
Harlie Riddle spoke on animals allowed to stay during fair and having worked around cattle smell can be contained if outside for limited time frame. Ms. Riddle also addressed local 4-H and FFA meats judging and getting youth interested in the industry. Shannon Tyra spoke from knowledge of ranching and working with college and high schools to open doors for education not only with children but the community. Ms. Tyra addressed veterinary clinics that can have animals outside for a day or more at a time and how they manage smells. Ian Callahan spoke on experience working at a business and pumping the pits as well as the availability for a store front meat processing facility to buy locally raised meat. Gary Mills spoke with 51 years of experience in cattle industry and having been around the large USDA processing plants and cleanliness of facilities, if the standard is not met, they shut the operation down. Martin Kimmet spoke on involvement with cattle during lifetime and discussed need with those throughout Wyoming and with Governor Mark Gordon on issues specifically in the cattle industry and being unable to get cattle slaughtered in state.
Mr. Kimmet spoke on the economics and the availability to create jobs and get a product produced in Wyoming. Tammy Howard stated they are not against the slaughter and meat processing facility, but against the proposed location. Lynn Guccion NWC instructor in animal production discussed the current course offered at NWC for meats has been at capacity the last few years, and potential for additional recruiting for meats judging and availability to see the process from start to finish including working with USDA inspectors. Garett Horton with Farm Credit Services lives nearby and sees a need in the state and knowledge of the University of Wyoming processing facility and how it can be maintained. Jeremiah Vardiman with University of Wyoming Extension Services wanted to give a larger view on the lack of market and the lack of access to the market that is a concern in Wyoming. The struggle to get local distribution in the wake of COVID-19 and the bio security by having locally grown meat. Mr. Vardiman spoke on keeping AG vibrant and with the benefit of USDA can open the market for a national and even international reach.
Russ Boardman initiated the meats program at NWC and ran the facility for 20 years and wanted to answer any questions from his experience for the council. Mr. Boardman also spoke on 307 Meats in Laramie and is familiar with the facility as they are 1 of 3 USDA sites in the state. Mayor Wetzel asked on experience with removal of offal and Mr. Boardman stated very little blood will go through the sewer most will be hauled off in tanks to a landfill. Kelly Spiering spoke in support of agriculture in Powell. Heath Streeter spoke on support for agriculture in the community and support of NWC and council should support the city economically as a whole. Val Murray thanked Council for the time and the support from the community they have received on the project. Dave Petersen, proposed owner of facility addressed the choice of building and increased costs of an alternate location. Mr. Petersen clarified they will be a state certified facility first before seeking the USDA certification. Mr. Petersen has reached out to DEQ and the Park County Landfill and will be able to use the manure as chaff to mix with the blood and take to the County Landfill. Mr. Petersen reiterated they wanted to be a part of the community and work in the community.
Discussion Drat Ordinance Changes 6.04.030 & 6.04.080: Attorney Kath discussed the drafted ordinances making acceptations for the keeping and slaughtering of animals in city limits. Attorney Kath indicated change of ordinance also puts review and recommendations by the city engineer, staff and ultimately the City Council and is related specifically to the Industrial General District (I-G). Proposed locations would be subject to City Council approval as well as a written agreement between the owner and the city approved by the City Council similar to a development. Councilman Mangold moved to have the draft ordinances ready for first reading at the Nov. 2, 2020 with the discussed revisions, seconded by councilman Lensegrav. Aye Wetzel, Young, Mangold, Lensegrav, Nay Sapp, MOTION CARRIED.
Ordinance No. 4, 2020: An Ordinance Amending Section 17.04.010 of the Powell City Code Pertaining to the Definition of Two-Family Dwellings. Councilman Sapp moved to approve on second reading, seconded by Councilman Young, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Snow Collection & Deposit Agreement: Administrator Thorington reviewed agreement has been approved by Park County. Councilman Mangold made a motion to approve and authorize necessary signatures, seconded by Councilman Sapp, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Resolution No. 16, 2020: A Resolution Authorizing Submission of a Coronavirus Relief Grant Application to the State Loan and Investment Board on Behalf of the Governing Body for the City of Powell, Wyoming. Councilman Sapp moved to approve and authorize necessary signatures, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Bid Award Vining Substation Transformers: Administrator Thorington discussed both bids and SPX was the lowest qualified bidder at $1,002,774.00 change in contract of $200 a day or a max of 5% for any delays. Electric Supt. Franck answered questions on the bids received. Councilman Lensegrav moved to approve SPX and authorize all necessary signatures, seconded by Councilman Mangold, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. 1st Quarter Revenues and Expenses: review given by Administrator Thorington.
General Announcements: Administrator Thorington thank the Police Dept. for going above and beyond and being a part of the community for a request received from a young citizen and mother. Councilman Young acknowledged the Wall of Honor Celebration.
There being no further business to be considered at this meeting, Councilman Mangold moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Young unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Mayor Wetzel adjourned the regular meeting at 7:40 p.m.
/s/ John F. Wetzel
/s/ Tiffany Brando
City Clerk

Publ., Thurs., Nov. 5, 2020