Anti-abortion bill acknowledges truth and is supported by Wyoming women

Submitted by Shane Legler
Posted 4/11/23

Dear editor:

In rebuttal to Justine Larsen’s April 4 column, I don’t know exactly what was being referred to when she proposed that women “would face arrest and prosecution …

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Anti-abortion bill acknowledges truth and is supported by Wyoming women


Dear editor:

In rebuttal to Justine Larsen’s April 4 column, I don’t know exactly what was being referred to when she proposed that women “would face arrest and prosecution should they want their life spared,” presumably after choosing to abort their unborn child. I suppose she is referring to the passage of the “Life is a Human Right Act.” This bill simply acknowledges the truth that a person is a person no matter how small and that all Americans, to include the most vulnerable and defenseless, deserve to enjoy their God-given rights. 

What this bill does not do is punish women or physicians for what cannot be prevented. Indeed, it specifically states that a licensed physician will not be in violation of the law should they “perform a pre-viability separation procedure necessary in the physician’s reasonable medical judgment to prevent the death of the pregnant woman” ( Further, should a horrible complication arise that forces parents and doctors to make an impossible choice post viability, the bill will not punish them for that either. Therefore, I am at a loss as to what Justine is referring to. I think much confusion comes from a misunderstanding of what abortion truly is. Those who fight for abortion “rights” deliberately confound two separate issues. 

An abortion is the deliberate and willful destruction of an unborn child. Alternately, if an unborn child is taken due to some horrible complication that would end in either the child’s or the mother’s death, an uncommon and heartbreaking tragedy, the child is lost, and the mother and father grieve that loss. They may have a funeral, and they certainly weep for the child that they did not get to know. That is not and has never been an abortion, so this “life of the mother” argument has always been a straw man argument that has nothing to do with the matter at hand.

As to the assertion that women in the Equality State are underrepresented in the legislature, they certainly aren’t on the big stage. Justine herself points out that two of our three national legislators are women, and these women, who were elected by other Wyoming women, were, I felt, disparaged in the column. It seems that the problem isn’t female representation but “the right” female representation. This is always the issue with those on the cultural left. It isn’t women they want represented but “the cause.”

Regarding our state legislature, there are more men than women primarily because more men voluntarily run for office than women. That said, the secondary reason is that the majority of eligible female voters vote for candidates who are willing to protect the life of the unborn over candidates who do not, whether those candidates be women or men. Nonetheless, women are equal as their vote counts exactly as a man’s and they are equally able to run for office. Again, those embracing a leftist ideology in our country aren’t after an equality of value and opportunity but an equality of outcome (i.e. Marxism), which inevitably makes us all miserable.

As to the proposition that “women in Wyoming are just targeted to provide service to the men in Wyoming,” may I just say, “Really?” Ask my wife if that is true. Ask my daughters if that is true. Let’s take a poll of Wyoming women to see what they really think. My wife and I are one flesh. Men and women need each other. They are one humanity. Can’t the habitually aggrieved just let us be happy together? Can’t they just be glad that more baby females will be free to come into the world? The gospel of envy and grievance espoused by the left is a giant wet blanket. 

Yes. Most of the men who affirmed the right of women to vote did so for political reasons. It’s just shocking that politicians would ever be duplicitous or less than pure in their motives. I learned this clear back in high school, and sadly, it is true. No one has ever denied this, but can’t you just take the win? The beauty of it all is that their progeny all affirm that it was the right thing. Can we not all celebrate that? As a man of the Equality State, I will defend the rights of all the women in my life to my dying breath. No one will silence them, and they all support the “Life is a Human Right Act” to a woman. 

Further, the governor has their applause for signing it, and they aren’t the only women in the state who feel that way. A great many of those who do are doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, ranchers, public educators and legislators whose jobs provide more income than both of mine combined, and I’m grateful to see them flourishing. I suppose I should also add that my wife would have written this if she had the time, but she was too busy with her job, her mini-farm, teaching and studying calculus. It’s always a team effort in the Equality State and thank God.

Shane Legler

Republican Committeeman District 10-2