Of the People, For the People, By the People

Submitted by Linda & Bob Graff
Posted 9/7/21

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Bob Rodriguez for your Letter to the Editor on Aug. 31.  I agree, we will never know the truth of the Jan. 6 “riot” or anything else that involves our …

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Of the People, For the People, By the People


Dear Editor:

Thank you, Bob Rodriguez for your Letter to the Editor on Aug. 31.  I agree, we will never know the truth of the Jan. 6 “riot” or anything else that involves our government, ever again.

I have been voting since the early 70s.  Even back then I rarely found a candidate I liked.  I considered all politicians as crooks and therefore voted for what I considered the lesser of all evils.  I am still forced to do that today.

We have never had a perfect government or president for that matter.  George Washington owned slaves as did quite a few of his predecessors.  It was an accepted norm at the time but all anyone cares about is that slaves existed, period.  That slavery is gone but we have a new kind of slavery now that seems perfectly acceptable.  I will get back to that later.

We have had presidents who had mistresses, apparently that was OK.  We have had presidents who womanized to their heart’s content.  We have had presidents who have abused and raped women but they never got in trouble for any of it.  The “Me Too” movement wasn’t around at the time and now it is ignored when a president is involved.

We have had presidents who were and are totally corrupt but no one cares because the president can do anything he wants and it is okay.  We had a president who told us he would be the most transparent president ever but that never happened.  But, turn the page, and we had a president who was transparent but he was a Republican, non-politician who ran his mouth off on Twitter and elsewhere.  He was branded by the Democrats as the most “evil” president ever.  What made him even more “evil” was that he cared about the American people which previous presidents did not.  Was he perfect, certainly not.  Did he get a lot done for this country, yes he did.

Now, we have a president who does not care about American citizens.  He is told who he can call on in press conferences and he is told what to say to those who are allowed to ask questions.  At the present time all Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC and Cheney (and others) want is to keep us occupied on other things while they pull strings to spend us into the ground and keep the power they so love.

Back to the slavery thing:  We now have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in this country, all expected to be Democratic voters so that said politicians can keep the power they want and need.  Few have been vetted, many have COVID, and many will be slaves for the rest of their lives, including children.  They are being bused and flown around the country willy-nilly to convert all those states or counties that voted for Trump.  Why is this kind of slavery OK?

The American citizen is now persona-non-grata in this country because we can and often do think for ourselves.  While our government lies to us at every turn many follow right along.  Those of us who question what we are told, by any government official, are racists, misogynists, war mongers, anti-Jewish, anti anyone who is not white.  Our children are now being taught to hate themselves if they are white and they are being “dumbed down to the lowest common denominator” so there will be no white doctors, physicists, engineers, or scientists in the future.

While I watch our government officials make mask mandates for everyone but themselves and the rich elite do whatever they want, flying around in private jets to their second, third or fourth homes I often think “Masks for Thee but not for Me”, or “Rules for Thee but not for Me”.  However, there is a new thought in my mind now.  “Sharia Law for Thee, but not for me!”

Now, I have a question for you:  Did you vote for the lesser of evils, the devil you know or just out of hatred for Trump?  None of these are good reasons to vote for or against anyone but sometimes that is all we have.

Perhaps we should all think about how we voted in the last presidential and congressional elections and give ourselves a pat on the back if we voted for the lesser of evils because right now evil permeates this country.  We will have to rethink many things before we vote again, if we can trust our system to be run properly.

Linda & Bob Graff



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