WHEREAS, on November 29, 2004, D.B.Y., LLC, as mortgagor, executed and delivered to Thomas J. Perkins, as mortgagee, a mortgage on certain real property described in the mortgage as security for payment of a promissory note in the principal amount of $50,000.00, which was executed and delivered by the mortgagor on the same day. The mortgage was duly recorded at the office of the County Clerk in and for Park County, Wyoming on December 3, 2004, as Document No. 2004-9155.; and
WHEREAS, there has been a material breach of the promissory note, which the mortgage was given to secure, and the mortgagor is thus in default, in that payment was not made as required by the terms of the promissory note; and
WHEREAS, the mortgage contains a right of foreclosure provision which, by reason of the above-stated default, mortgagee, as the owner and holder of the mortgage, declares to have become operative; and
WHEREAS, as of January 29, 2019, the total amount due and owing to Mortgagee on the promissory note is $95,755.86, which represents the $50,000.00 principal amount, $42,534.27 in accrued but unpaid interest (accruing at $8.22 per diem), and $3,221.59 in late penalties. The amount due may also increase by the amount of any additional late charges, attorney’s fees and other charges, fees and/or costs that accrue pursuant to the terms of the promissory note and the mortgage; and
WHEREAS, the property being foreclosed upon may be subject to other liens and encumbrances that will not be extinguished at the sale. Any prospective purchaser should research the status of title before submitting a bid.
NOW, THEREFORE, Thomas J. Perkins, as mortgagee, will have the mortgage foreclosed as provided by law by causing the mortgaged property to be sold at public venue by the Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff in and for Park County, Wyoming, to the highest bidder for cash at 10:00 a.m. on the 13th day of March, 2019, at the front door of the Park County Courthouse located at 1002 Sheridan Avenue, Cody, Park County, Wyoming, for application on the above-described amounts secured by the mortgage, said mortgaged property with an address of 628 Lane 10, Powell, Wyoming 82414 and more particularly being described as follows, to-wit:
Township 55 North, Range 98 West, 6th P.M., Park County, Wyoming
Part of Farm Unit “K”, according to the Farm Unit Plat, or Lot 71-B of Lot 71
Thomas J. Perkins
By: David I. Beckett, WSB # 6-4178
Bonner Law Firm, P.C.
1102 Beck Ave.
Cody, Wyoming 82414
(307) 586-4135
First Publ., Thurs., Feb. 14, 2019
Final Publ., Thurs., March 7, 2019