Easement vacation


Proposed Vacation of Public Road Easements Along Castle Rock Road
November 19, 2021
To all to whom it may concern: The Board of Park County Commissioners (BOCC) have decided to proceed with the vacation of public road easements along Castle Rock Road as described herein. This Notice is being provided per the requirements of Wyoming State Statute § 24-3-110.
• Chapter 3 of Title 24 of Wyoming State Statutes outlines specific requirements for the establishment, vacation, or alteration of county highways/roads.
• Public easements proposed for vacation along Castle Rock Road were granted in the late 1980s and early 1990s by various private landowners to Park County for the purpose of connecting a public road between County Road 6NS and County Road 6WX along portions of Castle Rock Road and Road 6JM (recently vacated by BOCC). Said public road was never constructed nor established by Park County although Castle Rock Road existed as a private gravel surfaced road before the referenced public road easements were granted by the landowners to Park County;
• The location and extent of the public road easements proposed for vacation are indicated on the attached Exhibit A;
• BOCC met on September 8, 2020. During said meeting, the BOCC discussed public road easements along Castle Rock Road between State Land Tract 53 and County Road 6NS. BOCC, in accordance with Wyoming State Statute § 24-3-101(a) deem it to be in the public interest to initiate proceedings to vacate a series of public road easements dedicated to Park County, Wyoming located along Castle Rock Road between County Road 6NS and State Land Tract 53;
• BOCC passed Resolution Number 2020-59 dated September 8, 2020 as signed by Commissioners Joseph E. Tilden (Chairman), Dossie Overfield, Lee Livingston, Lloyd Thiel, and Jake Fulkerson. Said Resolution authorized staff to initiate the vacation proceedings and assigned County Engineer, Brian Edwards as “Viewer” in the matter with responsibilities as defined in Wyoming State Statute § 24-3-103 thru 107;
• An Oath of Viewer was signed by County Engineer Brian Edwards and notarized on September 16, 2021;
• A Viewer’s Report summarizing Edwards’ findings related to the proposed vacation of public road easements along Castle Rock Road dated December 15, 2020 was presented to the BOCC at their regular meeting. BOCC moved to accept the Viewer’s Report as a matter of public record. Said Viewer Report is available in the office of the Park County Engineer at 1131 11th Street, Cody, Wyoming and is published online at the County’s web site at www.parkcounty-wy.gov ;
• BOCC met on September 21, 2021. After much discussion and several years of procedural deliberation, Commissioner Joseph E. Tilden made a motion to vacate that portion of County Road 54 (a public road) across Hawks Hill Ranch, State Land Tract 53, and the TE Ranch and all of County Road 54b and Road 6JM. Commissioner Overfield seconded and the motion carried;
• With the termination of the plan to develop a public loop road connecting County Road 6NS to CR 6WX along Castle Rock Road and Road 6JM and with the recent vacation by the BOCC of portions of Road 54 and all of County Road 54b and Road 6JM, the public road easements along Castle Rock Road are no longer needed nor necessary;
All objections thereto or claims for damages by reason thereof must be filed in writing with the Park County Clerk, before noon on the 10th day of January 2022 or such roads will be vacated without reference to such objections or claims for damages.
/s/ Brian Edwards, P.E.
Park County Engineer
Dated: November 19, 2021
First Publ., Tues., Nov. 23, 2021
Final Publ., Tues., Nov. 30, 2021


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