County minutes September 14, 2021


Park County Board of County Commissioners
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Chairman Livingston called to order a regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Park County, Wyoming, on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. Present were Vice Chairman, Dossie Overfield, Commissioners, Scott Mangold and Lloyd Thiel, and Clerk Colleen Renner. Commissioner Tilden was absent.
CJ Baker led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Park County Public Work’s Project Manager, Ben McDonald RE: Open Sealed Bids for the CMAQ FY2021 Dust Control Project
Mr. McDonald gave a brief explanation of CMAQ dust mitigation in which WYDOT administers the program and counties apply for the grant with a ten percent match coming from the County. Bids were received and opened from three businesses and a recommendation will be presented at the Monday, September 20 meeting.
• Wyoming Earth Moving, Rozet, Wyoming – Total $124,189.05
• Dust Busters Inc., Evanston, Wyoming – Total $80,481.73
• Desert Mountain, Riverton, Wyoming – Total $77,881.62
Meeteetse Mayor J.W. Yetter RE: Request for the Park County American Rescue Funds
Mayor Yetter is requesting funds to help cover a portion of the cost of the water and sewer project estimated at $1.3 million. The amount being requested is $648,209.72 from the American Rescue Funds. An undeveloped major subdivision is moving forward and will be without an adequate fire suppression system. When the project is completed it will eliminate the storage tank and pump station now in use. There has been a $498,000 increase in the cost of the project which is partially from rerouting the proposed water line and the increase in material cost. After discussion Chairman Livingston stated the board will take the request under consideration.
Mayor Yetter will provide a detailed list of materials along with specific purposes.
First Deputy Park County Clerk, Hans Odde RE: Approve and Allow Chairman to Sign Malt Beverage Permit for Silver Spur Ranch
Deputy Clerk Odde presented a malt beverage permit from applicant Julie Linebaugh for a Barn Dance to be held at the Silver Spur Ranch on September 18.
Commissioner Mangold made a motion to approve, Commissioner Overfield seconded, and motion carried.
Park County Commissioners RE: Further Discussion on Park County American Rescue Funds
Ms. Kohn presented the list of already approved requests along with an additional request from the Park County Sheriff’s Foundation for $500,000, Commissioner Mangold stated he reached out to Mr. Patterson for a list to be presented and then a decision will be made.
District Court has requested $58,299 for District Court Room Security. Commissioner Overfield moved to approve this request, Commissioner Mangold seconded, and motion carried.
Kohn stated we have approved to spend $1.4m to date not including the sewer lagoons or phone system.
Chairman Livingston stated Ms. Kohn is resigning effective September 30. Commissioner Overfield made a motion to advertise for the Office Assistant III position, Commissioner Thiel seconded for discussion, after discussion it was decided to advertise through October 4, motion carried.
Commissioner Thiel made a motion to adjourn, Commissioner Overfield seconded, and the motion carried.
Lee Livingston, Chairman
Dossie Overfield, Vice Chairman
Scott Mangold, Commissioner
Lloyd Thiel, Commissioner
Joe Tilden, Commissioner
Colleen Renner, County Clerk
Publ., Thurs., Oct. 7, 2021


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