City minutes March 15, 2021


City Council Proceedings
March 15, 2021
The governing body of the City of Powell met in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on March 15, 2021 in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Mayor Wetzel called the meeting to order and the following were present: Mayor John Wetzel, Council Members Tim Sapp, Floyd Young, Lesli Spencer, Steven Lensegrav, Geoff Hovivian and Zane Logan. City Officials: City Administrator Zack Thorington, City Clerk Tiffany Brando, City Attorney Sandee Kitchen and Deputy Attorney Scott Kath. Approval of Agenda: Councilwoman Spencer moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Councilman Sapp, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Approval of March 1, 2021 minutes: Councilman Young moved to approve minutes as presented, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Bills and Claims: Mayor Wetzel abstained from item #36. Councilman Hovivian made a motion the bills be allowed and authorize the Treasurer to draw warrants for payment of the same, seconded by Councilman Logan, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. PUBLIC HEARING: Transfer of Liquor License Ownership and Location from Alpine Properties, LLC at 145 S Bent St. to Pit Stop 12, LLC at 241 W. Coulter Ave. Attorney Kitchen opened meeting at 6:01 p.m. no comments; closed 6:02 p.m. Councilwoman Spencer moved to approve the transfer of ownership and location and authorize signatures, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Malt Beverage Permit Amy Nielsen April 10 – 11, 2021 Snowball Softball Tourney at Homesteader Softball Complex. Councilman Young moved to approve, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Catering Permit WYOld West Brewing March 17th at the Fairgrounds for FFA Dinner Dance. Councilman Lensegrav moved to approve, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Powell Golf Club annual update and financial review of 2020 by Pat Day, Board President.
Request waiver of fees PEP/Chamber for park fees at Homesteader Park May 21st and 22nd for John Wesley Powell Days. Rebekah Burns PEP Executive Director gave an overview of the 2-day event. Councilwoman Spencer moved to approve with correct indemnification on the reservation for $100 for park fees, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Mayor Welcomes Boy Scouts Troop 2036 Committee Updates: Councilman Lensegrav Recreation Board. Mayoral Appointments: Myron Heny, Planning & Zoning; John Campbell, Planning & Zoning and Board of Adjustment; Dawson Wolff, Tree Board and Airport Board; Dave Bonner, Park Co. Travel Council. Councilman Logan moved to approve as presented, seconded by Councilman Sapp, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
NEPECO Subdivision: Attorney Kath gave overview of the proposed subdivision final plat and agreement and has been approved by Planning & Zoning and Development Review Committee. Councilman Lensegrav moved to approve the final plat and agreement and authorize necessary signatures, seconded by Councilman Young, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
There being no further business to be considered at this meeting, Councilman Lensegrav moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilwoman Spencer, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Mayor Wetzel adjourned the regular meeting at 6:24 p.m.
/s/ John F. Wetzel
/s/ Tiffany Brando, City Clerk
City payments

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLAIMS 1 Absaroka Door Water 255.50 Shop Door Repairs
2 Aldrich’s Parks, Sani 64.15 Drill Rental, Anchor Bolt, Filter & Cleaner
3 Alsco Police 79.97 Mat Cleaning
4 Ascent Aviation Group, Inc Airport 31.20 Monthly Communication Fee
5 Bailey Enterprises Inc Various 8,687.98 February Fuel Purchases
6 Big Horn COOP Marketing Association Streets, Parks 915.00 Tires & Tire Sensors
7 Big Sky Communications, Inc. Police 59.00 Headset Cable
8 Big Valley Bearing & Supply Sanitation 10.65 Hub Cover
9 Blair’s Market Aqua, Council 108.50 Concession Supplies & Employee
Recognition Coupons
10 CardConnect Aquatics 160.52 February Credit Card Fees
11 CGRS, INC Airport 1,310.00 Annual Tests
12 City of Billings Sanitation 10,944.25 February Tipping Fees
13 City of Powell ~ Utilities Various 25,068.44 Monthly Utility Fees
14 Cummins Sales and Service Streets 3,491.94 Sweeper Parts & Repairs
15 Custom Delivery Service, Inc Waste Water 103.52 Waste Water Samples Transport Fees
16 Energy Laboratories, Inc Waste Water 476.00 Waste Water Testing
17 Fastenal Various 168.64 Bolts, Pipe Tap & Paint Wand
18 Fremont Beverages, Inc. Aquatics 72.90 Concession Supplies
19 Garland Light & Power Various 2,945.29 February Electric Bills & Annual
20 General Distributing Co Aquatics 981.06 CO2
21 Graybar Electric Company Electric 1,596.69 Meter Main
22 Hartford, The Various 1,416.42 Monthly LTD Benefit
23 HDR Engineering Inc. Electric 24,410.50 Vining Substation Engineering
24 John Deere Financial Parks 44.49 Ignition Module
25 Long Building Technologies, Inc Aquatics 285.00 Check the Leisure Pool Boiler
26 Metzler, Andy Streets 120.00 City Share Work Boots
27 Montana Dakota Utilities Co Various 10,146.44 Monthly Gas Bills
28 Mountain States Pipe & Supply Water 3,925.14 Meter ERT’s
29 Mountain West Computer Various 1,624.11 Desk Tops, UPS’s, Windows , Surge Strip
30 Napa Auto Parts Various 863.81 Brake Valve, Brake Parts, Filters & Belt
31 O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. Parks 4.98 Brake Cleaner
32 Office Shop, The Police 49.59 Monthly Copy Machine Fees
33 One-Call of Wyoming Elec, Water 16.50 Dig Ticket Fees
34 Park County Landfills Sanitation 133.76 February Tipping Fees
35 Powell Ace Hardware, LLC Various 103.89 Galvanized Steel, Caulking, AA Batteries,
Paint & Belts
36 Powell Tribune Various 1,980.60 Monthly Advertising & Publishing Fees
37 Powell Valley Recycling Task Force Sanitation 5,174.39 February Fees Collected
38 Powell Welding & Indust. Supply, LLC Water 17.25 Safety Glasses
39 Production Machine Company Various 792.51 Metal, Hydraulic Hoses & Bushings
40 Rimrock Tire Sanitation 30.00 Tire Rotation
41 Saber Pest Control, LLC. Aquatics 100.00 Monthly Pest Control
42 Sanders Plumbing & Heating, Inc Parks 214.47 Vent Repair South Side Restroom
43 Shoshone Municipal Pipeline Water 60,916.02 Monthly Water Fees
44 State of Wyoming Dept of Revenue Various 17,410.11 February Sales Tax Collected
45 Symbolarts Police 135.00 Lieutenants Badge
46 TCT Various 1,067.54 Phone, Fax, Internet & TV Charges
47 Tyler Technologies Inc Police 4,125.07 eCite Maintenance
48 Valli Information Systems, Inc. Finance 81.00 Monthly Maintenance & Message Fees
49 Visa Various 7,001.52 Misc. Purchases for Various Departments
50 Warren Transport Sanitation 4,690.90 Trash Hauling Fees
51 WPCI Various 88.02 Monthly Drug Testing Fees
52 WY Conference of Building Officials Inspection 150.00 Conference Registration B Hubbard
53 Wyoming Financial Insurance Streets 179.00 Insurance new Dump Truc
54 Wyoming Municipal Power Agency Electric 377,042.90 February Electric Bill
55 Youth Clubs of Park County Council 2,500.00 3rd Quarter Special Request 15-Mar-2021 $584,372.13
Publ., Tues., March 23, 2021