City minutes March 1, 2021


City Council Proceedings
March 1, 2021
The governing body of the City of Powell met in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on March 1, 2021 in the Council Chambers of City Hall. Mayor Wetzel called the meeting to order and the following were present: Mayor John Wetzel, Council Members Tim Sapp, Floyd Young, Steven Lensegrav, Geoff Hovivian and Zane Logan. Absent Councilwoman Lesli Spencer. City Officials: City Administrator Zack Thorington, City Clerk Tiffany Brando, City Attorney Sandee Kitchen and Deputy Attorney Scott Kath. Approval of Agenda: Councilman Young moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Approval of February 16, 2021 minutes: Councilman Lensegrav moved to approve minutes as presented, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Bills and Claims: Councilman Sapp abstained from item #53. Councilman Sapp made a motion the bills be allowed and authorize the Treasurer to draw warrants for payment of the same, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval,
MOTION CARRIED. Swearing in new Police Officer: Mayor Wetzel swore in Ryan Davis Park County Homeland Security Update: Jack Tatum, Director gave an update to Council. Homesteader Museum Paul Bruhn Historic Revitalization Grant Request: Brandi Wright, Director asked for a letter of support to apply for the grant to restore the logs on the current building and put on the National Registry of Historical Places. Councilman Lensegrav made a motion to provide a letter of support, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Committee Updates: Councilman Lensegrav Golf Board and Councilman Logan Recycle Board. Parks Dedication Ordinance 16.36.030(B): Councilman Sapp went over current ordinance, discussion on looking at changes. Councilman Lensegrav moved to have Planning & Zoning study the current ordinance and what other costs are in the state, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Mutual Aid Agreement Between Park County, Wyoming and City of Powell, Wyoming: Administrator Thorington gave an overview and has been reviewed by staff and city attorney. Councilman Logan moved to approve and authorize signatures, seconded by Councilman Lensegrav, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED.
Bid Results Substation Material & Equipment: Administrator Thorington went over the 5 bids received and staff recommends Board States of Gillette, WY for $746,988. Councilman Young moved to approve and authorize signatures, seconded by Councilman Sapp, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. General Announcements: Administrator Thorington gave and update on Gluten Free Oats and agreement expiration is March 2nd.
There being no further business to be considered at this meeting, Councilman Lensegrav moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Hovivian, unanimous approval, MOTION CARRIED. Mayor Wetzel adjourned the regular meeting at 6:51 p.m.
/s/ John F. Wetzel, Mayor ATTEST:/s/ Tiffany Brando, City Clerk
Publ., Thurs., March 11, 2021
City payments

PAYROLL CLAIMS 1 AFLAC Dependent Childcare 933.32 Payroll Deductions
2 AFLAC Insurance Premiums 1,782.18 Payroll Deductions
3 AFLAC Unreimbursed Medical 3,449.28 Payroll Deductions
4 Internal Revenue Service 71,721.07 FICA
5 MASA Medical Air Services Assn 570.00 MASA
6 Great West Retirement Service 5,962.20 Deferred Compensation
7 Wyoming Retirement System 49,932.10 Retirement Contribution
8 Health Benefit Plan 97,080.00 Plan Benefit TOTAL PAYROLL RELATED: $231,430.15 TOTAL PAID WAGES IN FEBRUARY 2021: $243,914.03 9 360 Office Solutions Aqua, Finance 340.51 Supplies & Copy Machine Fee
10 Absaroka Door Police 140.50 Door Repair
11 Alsco Aquatics 85.85 Mat Cleaning & Deodorizer’s
12 AT&T Mobility Administration 134.22 Cell Phone Charges IT & Admin
13 Big Horn COOP Marketing Assoc Sanitation 52.73 Fuel Can & Diesel Fuel
14 Big Valley Bearing & Supply Shop 20.36 Bearing
15 Blair’s Market Various 53.84 Cake, Plates, Plastic Wear & Supplies
16 Branstetter, Ray Streets 120.00 Work Boots - City Share
17 Carquest Police, Shop 75.50 Hydraulic Oil
18 Charter Communications Police 7.43 Monthly Cable TV 19 Crum Electric Supply Electric 121.55 Lamps, EMT Straps, EMT Fittings &
20 Dooley Enterprises, Inc Police 2,767.61 Ammunition
21 DrivePayments Water 78.56 Card Processing Fees
22 Energy Laboratories, Inc Waste Water 476.00 Waste Water Testing
23 Engineering Associates Elec, Inspect 1,580.46 Engineering Fees on Substation &
Cottonwood Subdivision
25 Floyd’s Truck Center Streets 81,943.00 2021 Dump Truck 26 Fremont Motor Powell Police 1,235.13 Tail Light Replacement & Tires
27 General Distributing Co Aquatics 1,131.06 CO2 & Tank Rental Fees
28 Graybar Electric Company Waste Water 1,318.53 Electric Heaters
29 HDR Engineering Inc. Electric 38,591.50 Substation Engineering
30 International Assoc of Chiefs of Police Police 190.00 Annual Dues
31 John Deere Financial Various 1,613.94 Hy Gard Fluid, Fuel Filters, Stihl Mix, Jug 32 McGlathery’s Back Porch Designs Police 22.50 Wrist Corsages for Promotions
33 Mid-American Research Chemical Water 89.06 Freight on Car Soap
34 Midland Implement Company, Inc Parks 93.97 Scraper Blade & Rotor Blade
35 Motorola Solutions, Inc Police 5,723.49 Radio System, Batteries & Charger
36 Mountain West Computer Various 563.65 Webcam, Surge Protector, Ink, Hard
Drive & Paper
37 Napa Auto Parts Various 323.22 Batteries, Diesel Additive & Fittings
38 Northwest Rural Water District Airport, W Wat 158.90 Monthly Water Fees
39 O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. Sani, Water 68.44 Diesel Additive & Cleaning Supplies
40 Office Shop, The Police 51.69 Monthly Copy Machine Fees
41 Park County Landfills Police 6.00 Tipping Fee
42 Park County Weed & Pest Control Parks 114.50 Herbicide
43 Powell Ace Hardware, LLC Various 72.87 Misc. Purchases for Various Depts
44 Powell Recreation District Council 1,750.00 3rd Quarter Special Request
45 Power Phone Inc Police 129.00 EMD Recertification B Colvin
46 Pro-Vision Inc Police 3,319.60 In-Car Video System
47 Rimrock Tire Streets, Police 280.03 Change Out Tires & Tire Repair
48 Rocky Mountain Fire Systems Sanitation 180.00 Semi Annual Alarm Monitoring Fees
49 Rovenna Signs & Design Police 25.00 Flag Decals for Patrol Vehicles
50 Ryno’s Rental Water 904.50 Ground Warmer Rental
51 Safariland LLC Police 94.50 Ink Pad for Fingerprinting
52 Safeguard Business Systems Finance 480.11 General Fund Checks
53 Sapp, Tim Council 14.56 Mileage Reimbursement SMP
54 US. Foods Aquatics 667.34 Concession & Household Supplies
55 Valli Information Systems, Inc. Finance 1,435.66 Monthly UB Postage, Processing Fees
56 Verizon Wireless Various 1,080.99 Monthly Cell Phone Charges
57 Warren Transport Sanitation 6,872.64 Trash Hauling Fees
58 WESCO Electric 439.50 Pruning Saw & Sawzall
59 White Ink Police 116.25 Unsecured Property Door Hange
60 Wyoming Department of Agriculture Aquatics 50.00 Annual Food License Total Claims: 2-Mar-21 $157,622.25
Publ., Thurs., March 11, 2021