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Consider this round two of me whining about my broken wrist. It’s a massive inconvenience and I find myself avoiding public places due to everyone asking me what I did. What “I” … more
According to my son, the biology major, what I call a bark beetle is actually a big, ugly Sawyer beetle with long black antennas. Like I care what he says; they’ve always been bark beetles to … more
Recently, while chatting with a friend, I was bemoaning my dislike of Mondays and how it affected my attitude. Looking skeptical, Kathy chided me that the only thing any of us can control is our own … more
When it comes to the virus we’re enduring, we have decisions to make. Do we call it the corona, Wuhan, COVID-19, simply Covid, Chinese, just virus or, like most Wyomingites, “This … more
As we celebrate the birth month of our nation, I’m still writing about it — even though July is half over — because it turns out, the signers of the Declaration of Independence … more
It’s been 244 years since we’d had about enough of Britain telling us what to do. I realize why I’m a true patriot and our founders were my people — I can’t stand being … more
Fathers, you’re pretty darned amazing. As soon as you find out your wife is bringing new life into the world, you get thrown off your plan. It’s a nailbiter to realize you are responsible … more
Like Gar, our children are all fantastic, but the daughter is the only mountain climber among them, and even her brothers scratch their heads at her feats. She does exercises not meant for mortals, … more
God bless mothers everywhere. They endure a lot. A few years ago, our then, 5-year-old grandson Dane, and grafted-in-daughter, were at the batting cages. Dane had to use the restroom, a glorified … more
A while back, Gar and I visited our daughter, Lunny, in Salt Lake City. She’s a traveling neonatal intensive care nurse and was completing a 13-week assignment at a hospital in the area. She … more
Every year we’re told we could possibly get influenza, but during this cold and flu season, we are being bombarded by media hacks over one or two strains of the virus. They feel it’s so … more
This is the continuing saga of our adventure going south for the winter. The first night, we stayed in the camper at a truck stop where it was 11 degrees outside and equivalent inside. We could … more
Gar hates winter and has wanted to get out of it since the day we met. I’ve ignored his grumbling because, for one thing, he’s had a job and for another, I like to eat. One bleak day … more
Gar doesn’t cook and it’s hard to understand. He’s always told our kids, “If you can read, you can learn to do anything because there’s books written about … more
About now, most of us are wondering why we told anyone our New Year’s resolutions — that we were gonna lose weight, quit smoking, be nicer, keep the laundry done, stop eating sugar, take … more
Don’t we all get a sappy, schmaltzy grin on our face whenever we think of an old-fashioned Christmas? We see those big Belgians trotting up the lane, clouds of steam rising from their nostrils. … more
You don’t know me and if questioned, my children would tell you, you’re better for it. Those same cheeky offspring are a doctor, a traveling NICU nurse, a petroleum engineer and a … more
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