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Newspaper photos show Lakshmi, the standard poodle library dog, lying or sitting next to girls and boys, a book in front of them, a little arm around her neck. She seems to be listening. I seriously … more
What is an “adequate and equitable education?” More specifically, what did the Wyoming Supreme Court mean when it mandated one? Our state lawmakers can’t seem to decide. Faced with … more
How many of you would agree with the following statement? “Park County should have uncontrolled suburban spread.” Very few, I suspect. Even fewer would say we want to see our major … more
It doesn’t occur to me, as I’m walking into Blair’s hooking an elastic over an ear, that I’ve just masked my facial expressions. The day is warm. People are in short-sleeved … more
A recent column by Don Amend, “What’s in a Name,” and the debate over the names of two fairly insignificant bumps on the Wyoming landscape remind me of just how drastically our … more
Ironically, considering our desert climate and dry surface terrain, water aplenty lies in the gravel substrata of the benches below Heart Mountain on its southeast side, seldom making it to the … more
Quite frankly, I no longer have any idea of what “the truth” is on almost any subject ... or any subject that interests our president, anyway. Then, I had a moment of resignation. I … more
“How are you today, sweetie?” “What can I get you, darling?” “How would you like a seat by the window, young lady?” My friends and I, mostly over the age … more
The estimates look staggering. Two-thirds of the people over 65 years of age and three-fourths of those over 75 who have ever lived in all of time are alive, right now, this moment, today. But … more
Back in Civics 101, we learned that our American revolution and our experiment in democracy was founded on a then untested idea: citizen voting. The Athenians had tried it on a small scale, my … more
More and more, a lot of us are escaping COVID-19 by reviving some of the old family pleasures we once enjoyed almost exclusively on Sundays — back in the pre-TV, pre-Sunday afternoon football … more
COVID-19. “This is going to be a game changer, like 9-11,” says my cousin’s son, the doctor. And he should know having worked for years at a senior level in federal disaster relief … more
If anyone has noticed me huffing and puffing up the trails and tracks below Heart Mountain, rest assured I’ve had good reason. The brisk pace, as opposed to my usual stroll, has been part of an … more
It’s not as if there’s no place to go. Yes, the usual recreational or relaxation or exercise places are closed. As a friend said at the beginning of this COVID-19 epidemic when deciding … more
Northwest College reports a reduced enrollment, lower staff pay, a big contraction in course offerings, empty housing and an ailing student union. But as my mother used to say, “one man’s … more
Writing about Northwest College and esports got me thinking about the academic end of what is, after all, a huge industry (worth around $1.5 billion in 2019). What, I wondered, must our youth learn … more
We all recently learned that Northwest College plans to offer a new activity to its students: namely, video game competitions rebranded as esports. This news gave me pause. Right up front, I’ll … more
Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” It’s a great phrase and came to mind because I’ve talked to too many people who’ve never been inside our local … more
“There oughtta be a law!” You hear that often enough. But, wait! There is a law or 10 or 50 or 50 million. Last year our Republican-dominated Wyoming Legislature gave us 200 more. … more
I’ve been wandering in memory land, recalling communities where I’ve lived in various countries and what made them particularly livable, trying to lump those into categories. The big … more
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