Maximizing Cattle Performance

Pointers On Parasite Control


(NAPSI)—Often, little things can have a big effect on livestock production. Even unseen things such as internal and external parasites can take a heavy toll on beef and dairy cattle, robbing them of vital nutrients, constantly irritating them and making them more susceptible to health problems.

The Problem

Internal parasites such as stomach, intestinal and hook worms can join external insects such as lice, grubs, mange and horn flies to stress cattle, reduce meat and milk production and reproduction, and lead to lost revenues for producers. Plus, because parasites can reproduce and spread rapidly, they present a constant, year-round threat to all types and ages of livestock.

Vet’s Advice

Explains Eric Moore, DVM, the wide variety and tenacity of cattle parasites means producers need to monitor livestock closely and treat all animals regularly with a broad-spectrum, fast-acting and easy to administer parasiticide. “Often producers won’t notice a problem until the cattle start to go downhill. Proactively treating all cattle with a product such as Eprizero® Pour-On, which controls 39 major internal and external parasites at different life stages, is a convenient way to keep parasites under control and cattle healthy and productive.”

Dr. Moore adds cattle producers and dairymen should work with their veterinarians on a parasite control program that best fits their operation. He also encourages them to consider products that can be used on all ages and types of cattle with no withdrawal for meat or milk, that are weatherproof and can be conveniently applied.

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