Powell dog park seeks funding


With dogged determination, Tina Fagan and Judy Londo have pursued the construction of a dog park in Powell.

Besides being good for Powell pups, they say the park would be an added amenity to sell Powell to tourists, prospective residents and businesses.

Their vision, which started about a year ago, is now really starting to take shape. The dog lovers are hoping a website and GoFundMe campaign will fetch the last of the donations they need to make it happen at Homesteader Park.

If fully funded, Wiggly Field, as they’re calling it, will have fencing, gates, benches, sanitation, a shelter, a dog playground and training equipment.

Fagan and Londo have raised nearly half the money they need for the planned $40,000 park; that includes an $18,489 grant from the Moyer Community Foundation.

While the City of Powell isn’t providing funding, Fagan said they have been very supportive and helpful, including helping them identify a good location, on the north side of Homesteader Park, next to the water tower.

“Now we’re in a better spot, and everything worked out. And the city has been fabulous,” Fagan said.

The pair had originally planned to build it in Whitlock Park, but the proposal was met with neighbors who were concerned about noise and odors.

Fagan said they were happy to move the park in response to community feedback.

“We don’t want there to be a contention about it,” she said.

With a little more than $21,000 to go, the dog duo is looking into other grants, support from local businesses, and private

Should they find themselves coming up short, they do have plans to move forward with what they can, and then add more to it as the funds come in.

“This was us going, ‘If we could build our dream dog park, what would it be?’,” Fagan said. “If anything, we’ll get the fence up and go from there.”

If all goes as planned, they will do the construction in three phases. Phase 1 will involve putting up the fences and gates, doing the signage and setting up sanitation. The full cost of that phase is an estimated $26,490.  The second phase is construction of a shelter — which they are calling the “dugout” — and highway signage. That’s about $7,300.
Lastly will come the dog playground and training equipment, for about $6,300.
Each phase also contains two benches.

Besides funding, they’re also hoping to get some more volunteers. Fagan said she’s grateful for any help, but with her limited schedule, it would be great if a volunteer was willing to step up and take on a larger role in driving the project.

“People want to help but no one wants to be in charge,” she said.

Wiggly Field’s funding site can be found at www.gofundme.com/powell-dog-park, and interested volunteers can contact Fagan at 754-2652.