Panther golf team shows potential in spring season


Powell High School spring golf season came to an end on a warm but windy Friday in Worland.

Six boys — Crandell Sanders, Bennett Walker, Treven Keeler, Austin Asher, Aiden Smith and Wesley Patrick — and two girls — Mycah Wainscott and Kaitlyn Church — competed for the Panthers.

PHS head coach Troy Hildebrand was pleased with how the team played.

“It was a real positive way to end this season and hopefully springboard our players into the summer,” Hildebrand said. “The growth we have shown in April and May is great but if we don’t get out and really put some time in on the course this summer we will just be starting over in early August when our competitive season begins.”

Noting the overall youth of the team, Hildebrand said he believes a good summer of competition of practice could bring “tremendous results” in the fall.

Crandell Sanders — 89

“[Sanders] finally broke through this spring and played more like he expects of himself,” said Hildebrand. “This was a solid round for him and I know that he is already scheduled to play in over 10 events this summer. His work ethic and competing in tournaments like that will be a great combination for him when he returns as a sophomore next fall.”

Bennett Walker — 89

“[Walker] is another young player that we will be counting on heavily next fall,” Hildebrand said. “He has gotten better and better each week this spring and he is starting to really put together a solid all- around game. I look for him to be consistently in the 80s next fall for our team.”

Treven Keeler — 91

“[Keeler] is our most experienced player and will certainly be a senior leader for us next season,” Hildebrand said adding, “Treven has played pretty well this spring and if he can find the time to get on the course this summer I only see him taking another step forward with his game. He has really figured out a lot about how to get the most out of his skills during his three years in the program.”

Austin Asher — 101

“This tournament concluded Austin’s career in Panther golf and he finishes as one of the most improved players I have ever coached,” Hildebrand said. “He will be a guy that keeps getting better as he gets older and really seems like someone that will enjoy the game for a long time. To be honest, Austin is a guy that I really wish I could coach for a couple more years and continue to watch him learn the game and grow.”

Aiden Smith — 108

“As a freshman, [Smith} has made great strides from the fall to now,” Hildebrand said. “This was just his second tournament for us and he improved by over 10 strokes from Sheridan. He has a great chance to keep moving forward and striving for a spot on the varsity team this fall. He is also growing like crazy and getting stronger all the time which should help him by next August.”

Wesley Patrick — 134

“This was [Patrick’s] first tournament experience ever and he did a nice job of working his way around the course. While [Patrick] had some holes that were challenges he also had some spots in his round where he did some very good things,” Hildebrand said. “[Patrick] is another player that has really improved from where he started.”

Mycah Wainscott — 118.

“[Wainscott] improved by five shots over Sheridan and seemed much more confident and comfortable in the tournament setting,” Hildebrand said. “She has spent a lot of time on the course this spring and I expect more of the same over her summer. Considering she just joined us this spring, she has really picked up some things that have helped her improve very quickly. As a freshman, she has plenty of time to keep getting better at the little things.”

Kaitlyn Church — 152

“[Church] is another freshman for us and she just picked the game up late last summer. She is getting better all the time and I was very glad to be able to get her to a tournament this spring,” said Hildebrand. “As she gains more experience her consistency will improve rapidly and with that she’ll see better scores. [Church] is fortunate to have a valuable asset in her brother Kyle who played for us the past four years. With a  good summer she will see tremendous improvement.”

With the spring golf season over, the golfers will resume action with Powell High School in the fall. An opening tournament at the Panthers’ home Powell Golf Club is currently slated for Aug. 10-11.