One new bike brings two girls happiness


Eighteen new bicycles were given away Saturday at the annual Easter egg hunt at the Park County Fairgrounds — but one bike was given away twice.

That’s because one of the winners, 11-year-old Kyla Del Bosque of Powell, gave her new bicycle to another girl before she left the fairgrounds.

Kyla’s mother, Terrie Del Bosque, said she drove home with her other children and told Kyla she could ride her new bike home. A few minutes later, she got a call from Kyla, who was now on foot.

“Mom, I gave my bike away,” Kyla told her mother, “and I can’t stop smiling.”

Kyla said she was riding her bike out the gates at the fairgrounds when she saw another girl walking with her family.

“I didn’t know if she looked sad or not, but I kept looking at her,” she said. “I tapped on her dad’s shoulder and asked if she needed a new bike. Then I gave it to her.”

“I already have a bike ... that is perfectly good,” Kyla explained. “I just decided to give it to her and not be like, greedy and stuff.

“My dad, like, whenever he sees somebody and he already has something he gives it to them. So I just copied what my dad does. He tells me not to be greedy, and give.”

Terrie said her husband, Michael, always tells their children that it feels good to give things away.

“If we already have something and don’t need it, it makes everybody happy,” Terrie said. “There’s a lot of bad in this world, but there’s a lot of good, too.”

That afternoon, Kyla realized her father was right.

“She said, ‘It does make you feel good to give stuff away, Mom,’” Terrie recalled Tuesday.

It turns out, Kyla’s instincts about the girl she gave the bike to were right on target, too.

That girl, Anai Torres, 9, of Powell also had a bicycle, but it was old and getting worn out; her mother, Alysia Torres, said Anai was saving her money to buy a new one.

The Torreses were walking to their vehicle, when “this girl asked if we wanted a bike for our daughter. We didn’t think of asking for her name; we were all excited — my daughter had a new bike.”

When they got the bike home, they realized a tag with Kyla’s name was still attached to the bicycle.

“Anai said, ‘Mom, can we go get her something? I feel bad that she didn’t get her bike.’”

So mom and daughter went to the store and bought a teddy bear for Kyla, and Alysia posted a request on Facebook for Kyla’s parents to contact her.

Before long, the two mothers were in touch. They arranged for the girls to meet each other that afternoon, and Anai gave Kyla the teddy bear.

Alysia said she was impressed that Kyla was willing to give her new bicycle away.

“Not many girls her age would be willing to give up something like that,” she said.