Man reportedly shot at Yellowstone wolves on Saturday

Rangers seeking information about incident, suspect


Yellowstone National Park officials are investigating a report that a man shot at some wolves in the park on Saturday morning.

Witnesses said the incident occurred near Sedge Bay along Yellowstone Lake, after the man’s dog chased a deer and after wolves began chasing the dog.

The unidentified man reportedly told fellow park visitors that he’d shot at the wolves because they were chasing his pet, according to accounts those visitors gave to Yellowstone rangers.

Neither of the two visitors witnessed the man firing the shots, but one visitor, from California, spoke with the man shortly after the incident and called Yellowstone law enforcement. The other visitor found shotgun shells at the scene and turned them over to park rangers.

Rangers found no evidence that any wolves had been wounded, said Morgan Warthin, a Yellowstone spokeswoman.

The gunman reportedly left the scene in a gray SUV, heading toward the interior of the park. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Yellowstone’s tip hotline at 307-344-2132.

Warthin noted that, not only is firing a weapon in the park against the law, pets must be controlled at all times.