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In the early 1970s, a small group of volunteers started Powell’s first industrial park through a budding organization they named Target Powell Valley.

Over the next 40 years, the nonprofit’s dedicated volunteers furthered economic development in the Powell area by securing land, developing infrastructure and making lots available at a reasonable price to new or expanding businesses.

The Wyoming Legislature continues to search for the magic solution to what they perceive as the failure of Wyoming’s schools.

Much of lawmakers’ attention this session has been focused on the performance of schools in the state, which they say is not as good as it should be. They are focusing on the state’s teachers in an effort to change the situation, trying to legislate more effective ways of evaluating them and making it easier to terminate them.

After tossing out the trash, most residents give little thought to what happens with their garbage.

That’s not the case with local and county leaders, who have spent countless hours over recent years thinking, discussing, and at times, arguing about what happens with trash in our region’s landfills.

EDITORIAL: Paying the price

Tuesday night, Park County residents were afforded an opportunity to hear about the nation’s budget problems from one who is intimately familiar with them, and a crowd of 250 or more people took advantage of the opportunity.

Former Senator Alan Simpson, who co-chaired the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform appointed by President Obama last year, invited all comers to listen to his comments on the recommendations that commission had made for addressing the nation’s debt and question him about them.

This week will give local governments a better picture of what their funding looks like in the supplemental budget.

As in previous years, the Legislature will provide a snapshot of funding for the immediate future — but what Wyoming’s cities and towns need is a forecast of what to expect down the road.

A local agriculture-based business has turned out to be a great example of how Powell can build on its assets, as well as how government and business can work together for economic development.

Traditionally, readers are encouraged to look beyond first appearances — to not judge a book by its cover. This week, however, will be all about first appearances for local readers as they see their newly remodeled Powell Branch Library.

The library was closed to the public for the month of January and the first days of February as it underwent extensive remodeling. On Monday morning, the library reopened its doors, showing off an updated layout, new carpet, fresh paint and added features. The library is now compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, making it accessible for all residents.

Education continues to be a major issue in the Wyoming Legislature this year.

This is understandable, since education traditionally is one of the major consumers of state money. In recent years, the Legislature has provided much better funding for schools than was available in the past. Wyoming spends more money per student than most, if not all, other states.

Powell prides itself on being a safe community — the kind where kids can ride their bikes freely around town and neighbors look out for one another.

Contrary to a popular local belief, however, Powell is not a place where it’s OK to leave your front door unlocked or the keys in your vehicle.

One constant in the business of the Wyoming Legislature has always been concern about the state’s public schools.

This concern has heightened in recent years because the state’s courts have put the responsibility for funding education on the backs of the state Legislature. As a result, the Legislature has become concerned about just what the state is getting for the money it spends in terms of student achievement.

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