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You may have noticed I love plagiarizing old song lyrics. I’m a reasonably adept wordsmith, but often no words say it better than my favorite songs. Last month, lyrics from “She’s in Love with a Rodeo Man” testified to the longevity of my old dog and old truck. The tradition continues …

I’m getting kind of old.

Not so old, though, that I don’t remember those “good old golden rule days,” like, say, the fourth grade.

My siblings and I have been chatting online frequently in recent months. It’s been a welcome way to keep in touch with each other, since we have lived in places as far apart as Seattle and Atlanta.

In today’s edition we pay tribute to one of our region’s biggest industries that literally puts food on all of our tables — agriculture. As a former 4-H and FFA member, this is something I get pretty excited about, and as a newcomer to the Big Horn Basin I’ve noticed a few striking differences to how farming is done here versus how we do it where I come from.

Once again, an item in the news has me questioning whether I really live in the “Home of the Brave” celebrated in our National Anthem.

The students are settling in at Northwest College, so the time is right to share some bachelor recipes. Much like students, bachelors are too busy to actually cook; they get grouchy when hungry, and they try to be mindful of their nutritional needs for fueling their active lifestyle.

I’m not happy about it, but this column is going to be about the presidential election.

It’s too early. The election is more than a year away, for Pete’s sake, and the people who are running for president, at least most of them, already hold offices. They should be doing the job they were elected to last time. They could wait another six months and still have plenty of time to deliver their glittering visions of how great they would be at running the country.

AMEND CORNER: Giving it some thought

I’ve had a lot of time to think the last couple of years.

have to remind myself that writing is a gift, just like those of an accomplished musician, artist, or a mime. I had been taking this gift for granted when that irrepressible, uplifting family, the Simpsons, again brought perspective. This time it was via rascally Bart, encouraging little sister Lisa not to give up on her own journalistic bent.

AMEND CORNER: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Airplanes have been good to me in recent weeks.

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