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Valentine’s Day has passed, but the romantic dinner my dog Ginger and I shared is fresh in my memory. Nothing says “I love you” like Top Ramen. She gazed into my eyes like she’d died and gone to heaven.

DESERT NOTEBOOK: Consigned to blister watch

Our full length, first floor glass door looks out on the waves of walkers, runners and bikers.

From time to time, I receive feedback about this thing I do for the Tribune.

Lying on my belly across the sea of my velvet green comforter, I suddenly felt very, very lonely.

I grew up around guns. Through my life firearms were included in some of my fondest memories.

Being considered by some to be a Super Bowl visionary, I’ll reveal this Sunday’s exact  score in due time, but first I’d like to offer you a little proposition. In fact, a whole gaggle of propositions.

The letters of Mariah Stephen’s sign at the Women’s March sparkled and popped out from a black background in glittering gold and hot pink letters: “Being Kind is More Important than Being Right.”

AMEND CORNER: Watching your language

Since my last column, I have given considerable thought to our use and abuse of the English language.

AMEND CORNER: Intelligence isn’t enough

Our current president just can’t seem to avoid controversy.

Did I say that the only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder? If I did not, I say it now: THE ONLY THING WE REQUIRE TO BE GOOD PHILOSOPHERS IS THE FACULTY OF WONDER.”

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