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What is the best part of the Park County Fair?




The summer is half over, three weeks of July have passed and the weather is heating up. In Powell, that means one thing: This is Park County Fair week.

Thumbs up to the people who hurried to the Mormon Dam last week when four teenage girls found themselves in trouble.

Joey and Jaclyn Haire, Kylie Ollinger and Melani Madden were enjoying a cool tube ride down the Shoshone River when they realized they had missed an opportunity to get out of the water before reaching the dam.

Candidates for two statewide elected positions — Wyoming superintendent of public instruction and Wyoming secretary of state — were in Cody on July 7 for a public debate that was not well attended.

That is unfortunate, because six candidates — three for each office — came from as far away as Cheyenne and Rock Springs to make sure we had a chance to hear their views on issues surrounding their candidacy and the offices they seek.

Thumbs up to the Powell Valley Healthcare staffers who agreed to forego a raise to keep the operation from suffering even further financial woes.

The employees voted to decline a 2 percent raise for fiscal year 2015, realizing the nonprofit healthcare system is in dire need of a financial turnaround. Earlier, some workers agreed to take furloughs — unpaid time off — to help out, while retaining their paid leave.

A green light unexpectedly turned yellow when a group of county officials decided to reconsider their decision to expand the Powell school district to include Yellowstone National Park.

The county, along with local school officials, had previously given the expansion a green light, and we applauded them for that.

Thumbs down to the deep, distressing, divisive tone in this nation’s politics.

Friday is the Fourth of July, the 238th anniversary of the release of the Declaration of Independence. It was agreed to by men from New England to the South, by those who supported a strong central government and those who favored a looser confederation of states.

Chewing tobacco has chewed up and swallowed enough victims.

For generations, millions of Americans have “put a pinch between cheek and gum,” providing themselves with a hit of nicotine during the day. They have also quite likely exposed themselves to a greater risk of several diseases, including cancer of the mouth, tongue, cheek, gum, throat, esophagus, stomach and pancreas — sense a trend? — according to the American Cancer Society.