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AMEND CORNER: Thankful through the ups and downs

Most recently, we have had an election, which I suppose counts both ways, since the results were welcomed by some, abhorred by others. That’s to be expected, of course, given the nature of people. I happen to be among those who found the results … more

MY LOUSY WORLD: Stuff you never even thought of

• Does anyone wash their ears anymore? I can only speak for myself, but it never even crosses my mind and no one has said to me, “Are you raising potatoes in those ears?” I wonder if ear-washing wasn’t just something uninformed mothers … more

IN THE MIDDLE: A non-athlete finally gets an athletic moment

Looking back, I can’t blame my teammates. I just wasn’t an athlete. I didn’t come from an athletic family — in fact, my dad viewed athletics as a distraction from academics and not worthy of our time. But it was far more than that. I … more

AMEND CORNER: Trump supporters should speak out against bigotry

I’m a bit surprised, but not totally shocked by the way the election played out. I’m not terribly distressed by it either. I do, after all, live in Wyoming and lean to the left politically, so I’ve been on the losing side in many elections, … more

COLUMN: Shoshone River cover-up ... or a fresh start?

The dam The Willwood Dam was constructed in 1924; it is 70 feet high with a crest length of 476 feet and a base width of 41 feet, with a volume of 22,100 cubic yards. The dam was built with a penstock for an electrical generator but has never had … more

MY LOUSY WORLD: An appropriate funeral

Teri is a long-time fitness trainer I’ve known since my first Cody summer, when she was a shy, raven-haired, 15-year-old beauty delivering Cokes at Bud’s Drive in. She was in Billings for a final chemo treatment and thankfully is expected to … more

AMEND CORNER: Why I won’t vote for Trump

It’s not because I have nothing to say. As an opinionated writer who has frequent opportunities to foist his opinions on an unsuspecting public in bites of 850 words or so, I feel more or less compelled to write about the choice facing my readers … more

MY LOUSY WORLD: Corruption in the funny papers

Are you even aware there’s a daily comic strip in the Billings Gazette that isn’t even remotely funny? In fact, “The Born Loser” is so UN-funny, it borders on criminal. I’m calling for a special prosecutor to look into just whose palm the … more

AMEND CORNER: Lesser evil, or, who’s the right candidate?

Thousands, if not millions, of words will be employed telling us what Donald Trump and/or Hillary Clinton did wrong, how the news media helped or hurt each candidate, and why this or that demographic group voted the way it did. Sociologists will … more

MY LOUSY WORLD: What I learned on my last vacation

I took one of those rare, overnight trips last Friday, but the only thing I prowled was Rimrock Mall. I unashamedly confess to the macho crowd: I’ve always been a mall guy. Shopping, giant cinnamon rolls, ogling attractive passersby from a bench … more

AMEND CORNER: Look behind the candidates’ words

The guy who wrote it looked a lot like me, except he was somewhat fatter, could bend his back and possessed a couple more teeth than I do. He was also an active member of the workforce and was rarely seen on the streets without a camera. The … more

AMEND CORNER: Decisions, decisions: Upcoming election should require some serious thought

Well, I didn’t forget. I made a conscious decision to avoid pontificating on the contest for the past two months. You might say I’m on strike against the election campaign. It’s my way of protesting this monster, which starts at least a year … more

MY LOUSY WORLD: How I spent my Labor Day vacation

Labor Day — at least the years it falls in September — signifies the official end of summer, and I think I speak for all roofers when I say: “Not a heat stroke too soon.” And what better, more traditional way to celebrate Labor Day than to … more

IN THE MIDDLE: From England to Wyoming: Long-lost siblings find each other after decades

Carole Wilson is a sister to my husband, Gary — who, until this spring, believed he had only three brothers for siblings.  Carole’s story begins in England — but it came to us first through Norway, then Florida, Tennessee and Wyoming, … more

AMEND CORNER: Tempest over national anthem protest tests America

It seems someone noticed that San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick did not stand as the national anthem was played prior to his team’s first two pre-season games. When he was asked why, Kaepernick said it was in protest, and he planned to … more

AMEND CORNER: Hitting the road again after an absence

The first sign appeared a few days ago, when I rolled out of bed and pulled on my usual short sweat pants and T-shirt, only to find it necessary to grab my thick, fuzzy winter bathrobe in order to stop shivering. This being Wyoming, though, I took … more

AROUND THE NABERHOOD: This year’s freshmen were born in 2002, try looking at it from their perspective

Anyway, as each school year begins it’s a good idea for teachers to take a step back and think about what the world is like from their students’ perspective — and it can be pretty bizarre. My youngest brother is 16, and in a recent … more

AROUND THE NABERHOOD: Everyone lies, but some are more accomplished liars

On Monday, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Trump supporters that the U.S. did not face “any successful radical Islamic terrorist attacks” before President Obama took office in 2008. We were all told to “never forget,” and it … more
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